Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No title, just rambling!

Okay this week work done so far,

Done some sketches of my characters, did them on graph paper, the characters are really simple.

I also did some colour sketches of the backdrop, which I am intending on doing in 2d.

Tomorrow I want to get my storyboard refined, going to go through it with a fine tooth comb to work out how long certain scens are going to be and also to clearly define exactly what takes place.

The opening scenes are not problematic, it's the final scenes where one of the characters actually has to grow larger than the other, in order to eat him. I need to work out if I can actually do this and if not, what are my other options.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Back to the Drawing board!

Okay finally thinking straight again.

I have a short thumbnailed storyboard now for my next double project (nothing to do with brains I'm afraid). I've broken it down into key scene and approximately worked out how long each scene will be, although I still need to finish that.

Whence that is complete other things I need to do beforeI start production include:

1-Finalising my characters. I need to do a front and side view of all the characters
2-Analyse the storyboard and list any problem areas, and write a detailed solution.

Some of the problems will be technical eg the creature in my scene has to grow and transform into a viscious grizzly gremlin. I need a clear visual idea of how this will happen and need to work out howI can animate this!

Some of the problems might be more concerned with the storyboard so I need to redo some sequeces to fit with others.

3-I also need to do some colour studies of the scenes.

4-Storyboard also need to be finalised! that has to be done this week.

5-animatic to work out the timing.

Once all these are done there should be no problems when it comes to production because I should have variety of visual references for the characters, the scenes but most importantly a clear idea of the timing for each scene.

All this should hopefully be done by the end of this week.