Monday, May 08, 2006

Ball Juggling 2

Incidently, I've re-storyboarded the final sequence, Blink now comes on to the stage and tries to impress the judge with an array of ball juggling skills. When he kicks the ball too high, it fails to come back down. The judge then signalls for blink to leave, The depressed Blink turns and dejectedley looks to leave. Cut to space and the ball has travelled out of the earth's atmosphere, slingshots around the moon and falls back to earth. As it falls back it transforms into a flaming metorite; cut back to blink who is still standing dejectedly. Bang! The meteor collides with Blink. As the dust settles, Blink is gone the ground is scorched and only a his shoes remain. Cut to a judge who finally applauds!


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