Monday, May 15, 2006

Restless fingers

As my computer is now in render mode, my fingers need something to do, so I guess I'll update this blog.

Since my last post a few more scenes have been completed with Blink, I'm holding back on what I've done, so no more previews untill everthing is finished.

I've been checking my previews (Unrendered shots), by editing them after each shot. Working in a linear way like this allows me to make sure that one scene follows throught to the next quite effectively.

I'm working on a few scenes that don't involve any character animating, and are mainly a compositing process, so after effects and photoshop have kept me quite busy.

But theses scenes are quite important to the final piece so I'm getting them out of the way so all I'll have left to do are the final shots for both blink and the judge and the aim is to make sure this is all done by the end of this week.

Over the weekend I hope to be rendering and editing, then the following week will be a case of getting some music. I've managed to rope a friend of mine into writing some music, he's working with the playblasts at the moment but I hope to put together a more final edit of the film over the weekend so that the animation is basically ready for music and sound.


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