Thursday, April 20, 2006

It'll have to do!

Anyway I'm reasonably pleased with my work so far.

Blink is now fully setup and the judge too. There are are a few niggly things that will still bother me but the main thing is that I'm very satisfied with the setups for both characters. And I have started animating eventhough my schedule did require me to have finished all the shots by now. but I was a bit over ambitious with that scedule and not to mention that I (and JD and Richard) almost started to do some animation work that would have been paid. However after a few days of deliberating and a few meetings we pulled out because the work was just too demanding considering we only have another 5 weeks left It was a good opportunity that just came at the wrong time.

Anyway I'm giving myself two weeks to get the animating done. That should then mean I have at least 3 weeks to render edit and produce sound.

I do still have to write my essay but that's partially writing itself because I find that in order to stop working at night, it's quite productive to do my resaerch at bed puts me to sleep!

Only kidding. No really, I find that taking a few notes on the research at night is a good escape from the computer.

As a quick insight I'm looking at the contrast of realsim vs Abstration in animation.

Exploring how and why animators may stray away from realism and produce more iconic imagery, so examples of this may include Tom and Jerry, where exageration is more important to the animator. In contrast we have films like Watership Down. where the idea of reproducing a realism is more important to the story. Anyway I hope to elaborate a bit more once I have done a bit more reading up...

And that's a wrap! (for now)


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