Friday, April 28, 2006

week 9 almost over!

4 weeeks left to go...doom and gloom!

no not really!

Been animating this week. I have about 25 shots to get done, and so far I have done about 8. Having done a plan chart (dope sheet) in the early stages of storyboarding it's coming in quite handy now. I'm working mostly on the judge's scenes this week, which are mostly done!

Started Blink's animation today, Blink's shots are are slightly more complex but only because they are longer. I've changed my animating style for the last week. instead of working with stepped keys where I start by putting in the key frames first and to make sure my timing is correct, I've been going with a bit more of a pose to pose method. This has been okay, because my plan chart already charts where the key frames should go. most of the animating takes place in the process of of giving character to the inbetweens or the passing positions!

Also I've chaged Blink's colours a little as well I wasn't happy with how he was looking before, he seemed a bit flat. I think he is looking a little better now.

In addition I have a musician writing some music for the animation He's currently working with the playblasts, because nothing is rendered yet. But it's quite handy because it gives somthing to work towards the more I get done the more he has to work with the quicker this animation will come together...
...anyway now I go!


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