Wednesday, May 24, 2006

explsion test

Okay this week has been a bit of rut. There a scene in my animation that requires a comedy nuclear explsion. I didn't want to do it with 3d because I just did not feel confident that I could pull off the style Of comic explsion I wanted with 3d, it felt it would look too real or at the worst too 3d.

I then resorted to doing a key frame sequence which I was hoping to redraw using photoshop. However after scanning them in, and attempting to do some line drawing with photoshop, the affected I wanted was taking too long.

I did off course have a plan Z; if my own attempts at getting animating the explosion were to fail, I would resort to using some stock footage of a nuc explosion which which essentially gave the same effect. It might be cheating but at this stage I'm desperate!

Anyway the click the image above to see the gif sequence I put together. It's not going be used but it's worth look.


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