Sunday, March 12, 2006

Couple more story boards

These are both individual shorts.

they are also just rough thumbnails so nothing is fully fleshed out yet but I'm working on that!

In the first one Blink is upstaged by a ball, he kicks it away and thinks it's gone for good. It bounces back and enrages Blink. As he sets up to kick it away again, a bigger ball stomps and hustles the apologetic Blink out of shot. "THUMP!" The big ball and small ball bounce back and happily bounce away. Blink stumbles back with a black eyes and abirds swirling around his head!

The second one still requires more work but is simple, Blink finds a tunnel wanders in... a few moments go by... then all of a we hear a loud horn followed by Blink running manically out of the tunnel with a train ricketing behind.


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