Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What's going on?

Suffering from uni fatigue...

Okay so I took my ideas in to Carol and Jane last week-Bang I came out feeling pissed off! not completley their fault but either way I think communications got a bit messed up, they didn't seem to grasp the fact that I was still trying to refine my ideas. And considering that I'd received an e-mail that week from Jane telling us that we didn't have to do any presentations last thursday, I hadn't really finalised my ideas hence they came across as a bit flakey thus confusing eveyone into thinking I didn't know what I was doing! Which left me very angry and grizzly for the whole weekend.

Anyway I've also been struggling to see things objectively at the moment! Maybe the pressure of the final semester or not having a big enough break between semesters...who knows?

Anywhoot Having shown Jane some of my characters last week (which she actually liked) I've decided t go oober simple. Using all my 3d powers, I'm in the process of creating a character that feels as much like a cartoon as I can make possible within the next 10 or so weeks!

What I am intending on is to produce a number of simple shorts with Blink the character in the previous post!

The aim is to go very iconc with the style and hopefully produce an animation that I might be satisfied with.

There's still a long way to go, I still want to produce a few animation tests to see how well my ideas might work. Test are necessary especially because the animation I am going to attempt will be somwhere inbetween stopframe and 3d. I want to use a style of animation known as replacement animation, where the mouth jumps through expressions unlike in traditional 3d where morph targets are used.

One thing I really need to test is how this replacement style could work with the rest of the character being a more traditional 3d character.

Anyhow I must go and experiment with sleep, struggling with that a lot too!(maybe I'll ust watch Back to the future 2)


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